New Casino bill passes for Rhode Island House

"New Casino bill passes for Rhode Island House"

A new bill on the table would let the voters in Rhode Island to decide whether a brand new casino could be made in Tiverton town is now going through legislature. A new report from Associated Press said that the House of Representatives of Rhode Island voted 96-4 Wednesday in favor of the vote. Still, the bill is making some progress in Senate as of Thursday.
The whole belongings would come from the Twin River Management Group that operates the slots parlor in Newport Grand. The new Las Vegas-type casino would supplant Newport Grand, said the report. Newport voters denied a proposed US$ 40 million elaboration of that facility in the year 2012.
The operator of the casino also owns Twin River Casino in Lincoln that opened a sixteen table poker room this December. Twin River got the sanction to include house-banked table games 2-3 years ago. After that, a successful statewide referendum would put the issue up to the Tiverton voters.
The gambling industry of Rhode Island yields the state over US$ 350 million in tax revenue each year, but some see that as under threat by gambling houses in Massachusetts. Tiverton casino will have 85000 square feet area of hotel and gaming space. Continue reading

NY judge would not help DFS sites stay open

"NY judge would not help DFS sites stay open"

At this point of time, a New York judge would not offer a lot of help to the daily fantasy sports industry which was very recently told by the top attorney of the state that the business is not really welcome.

FanDuel and DraftKings, the two leading DFS sites, stated that Manhattan’s state Supreme Court for an injunction as well as an immediate confining order to let them to keep doing business in NY while the case plays out. As of now, the requests have been denied.
Both these businesses have filed a case against New York after the state warned them regarding going forward to offer contests to the people of the state. Previous week, the attorney general of New York sent cease-and-desist letters to the firms, telling that their products breached anti-gambling terms in the state.

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T. J. Cloutier’s 6th Bracelet 4/5

"T. J. Cloutier’s 6th Bracelet 4/5"

TJ Cloutier Movie Rating: five / five

TJ Cloutier’s 6th Bracelet 1/5

"TJ Cloutier’s 6th Bracelet 1/5"

TJ Cloutier Video clip Rating: 5 / 5

TJ Cloutier’s 6th Bracelet 3/5

"TJ Cloutier’s 6th Bracelet 3/5"

TJ Cloutier Video clip Rating: 4 / 5