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Let Us Find The Reason Why Bertrand Grospellier Is Coming In Las Vegas For 46th WSOP

27th May 2015 is going to be the luckiest day for poker lovers as well as for poker stars to show their calibre in the 46th WSOP in Las Vegas.    Fans have given nickname to Bertrand as Elky and they will be able to see his magical dealing with playing cards.  The calibre of this poker star is to mix the playing cards with magical way.  He is master in mixing the cards and able to display the cards as a cord.  This art and its secret are only with the Elky.  The scheduled match and opponent both are quite famous and having the calibre to grab the title of 46th WSOP.

Presently Elky is residing in London but his daily routine is to participate in any poker tournament of International level across the world.   He is also known as “Triple Crown” because he has bagged three reputed trophies of poker in recent past.  Huge prize money has been gambled on his name.  This is also a challenge.  This 34 years old poker star has calibre to lift the title and able to give a clean sweep to the opponents.  His famous trick is the mixing.  He mixes the playing cards in very quick manner and opponents cannot judge that on which number trump card is hidden.  This magic is only known to none other than Elky. Read more »

This lady poker player has great passionate toward the game she plays

Mary Jones is a female poker player. This lady poker player has great passionate toward the game she plays. According to her each and every game or the work we are doing should be performed with great ambition and should always have love towards our game. She was the world poker champion in the year 2006 she was the only lady to win the championship in that tournament. As of her total statics about 2014 her total WSOP tournaments winnings exceed $350.000.  Her current location is Henderson NV, United States of America. She has won total 17 cashes in the poker games played till the date.

Her total winnings are $360,876 this number includes all the tournament winnings till now. Before becoming a successful and a professional poker player she was involved with the national museum of Women’s in art in the United States of America. Despite the fact that such work did not involve poker game at all she already knew till that time that her ultimate dream was just to play poker be a professional poker player and simply earn a huge amount from this game even if not a huge amount she just wanted to play the poker. Indeed her dreams to play poker had successfully laid her to play the game and then her passionate laid her to play the professional game and also made her win many championships in the same game. Dreams and passionate love and ambition can lead the person to make his dreams come true.

She has won 2 career titles till the date as per her latest records of playing poker. She has also won 15 career cashes in her history of the poker career. In the world series of poker she had the total winnings of $269,651 which is a good amount. She has won 6 cashes in the same tournament which was on an average good. Read more »

Hoyt Bricken Corkins vibrancy at the WSOP has been a cutting edge for him

Winning the WSOP bracelet and the grand prize cash has enabled American poker players to control the echelons of the industry to some extent. American based players have propensity to bring a final table down owing to the entrenchment of the game in many states where the Black Friday acrimonious rules did not spill over.

The World Series of Poker has provided latitude for these players to propel to the top of their professional ladder; Hoyt Bricken Corkins knows exactly what we mean by this. The magnificence of his resume is buttressed by several winnings he has managed to mint at the games tournaments, dating back in 1992 when he clinched a bracelet. Corkins was the winner of the WSOP $5,000 pot-limit Omaha where he wrung out $96,000 alongside a bracelet.

He also played in the 2005 WSOP Tournament of Champions Free-Roll garnering $325,000. In 2007, he went ahead to win the WSOP $2,500 Six Handed NLHE tournament where he defeated Terrence Chan to pocket above $515,000 as well as a championship bracelet. Read more »

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