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2v1 Poker Tournament Concluded Successfully

China hosted its first poker tournament 2v1 Poker, the prize money of the tournament was 1M RMB.

In the tournament players from all over the China came and participated. There nearly twenty-seven 2v1 players participated in the tournament on 30th Dec 2016 in HuangShan.

In the tournament, the player who secured the first place won the prize amount of 500,000 RMB. It is the largest prize amount for 1st position to be given in any 2v1 tournament. The qualifying round of the tournament was executed on mobile. Players used the application Hero2v1.cn on mobile and battled with 2750 players to secure their place in season one of ‘China Fun 2v1 Poker Tournament Hero Cup 2016’.

Guo Xiao from Taiyuan city and the lover of 2v1 Poker strongly defeated opponents eight in number in the last round. And he became the first winner of ‘China fun 2v1 Poker Tournament Hero Cup’ first season.

Xian has received 6m gold coins as reward in addition to winning prize amount of 500,000 RMB. The gold coin was given for App winning.

Sharing his thought after winning the event, Xian said “After winning the 2v1 Poker event. I am very excited also grateful that poker sport got the platform with this tournament. It is the sport that has sporty feel and entertainment as well.” Xian further added that “As long as I keep myself composed, calm and dedicated, there is not task that is impossible for me.”

The runner up of the event was Yu Lisong, a student of the university Harbin Institute of technology. He won 3m gold coin and 150,000 RMB cash prize for securing second position. Lisong was also the youngest player in the tournament. Zhang Chuanjiang secured the 3rd position and cash prize of 100,000RMB and 2m gold coins.