Winner Of 2018 World Poker Tour Maryland At Live

"Winner Of 2018 World Poker Tour Maryland At Live"

The 2018 World Poker Tour Maryland at Live was like a card fest there were players trying to swarm into the casino in order to take part in the event. Around 554 players did register for the game diminishing the $1.5 million Guaranteed prize pool and increasing it to $1,757,800. It was Tony Ruberto’s day as he made it by achieving the trophy and earned $344,755. This was his 2nd World Poker Tour title as the first one was in the year 2011. He outlasted 393 runners in the WPT Jacksonville Main Event.

The final day started off with a good grip for Ruberto. He achieved the 2nd highest chip stack and ran close to Will given, the WSOP bracelet winner as he was the chip leader. Ruberto made his position string as he eliminated 2 poker champions Aaron Pinson and Mark Sandness in the 5th and 6th places respectively. The eliminations made Ruberto lead the chip and some quick moves were made by Shankar Pillai and made Givens reach the 4th place. As a result, it helped Ruberto make his chances to strong to win the title.
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Detail Regarding Poker Pros Trolling And Taking Wheeze

"Detail Regarding Poker Pros Trolling And Taking Wheeze"

In spite of the availability of the Top PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and the Aussie Millions, the month of January seems to be a quiet month at the poker tables. However, some of the benefits added spice to the things with falling and spiriting by hitting the gossip columns of the week.


Patrick ‘plenopads’ Leonard takes to the Twitter in order to inform to his fans about how he is blocked from the social media site via colleague pro and poker coach named Ryan ‘Protential’ Laplante. But later on, the tweet is deleted.
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A New Entrant In Player Of The Year

"A New Entrant In Player Of The Year"

The 2017 Card Player Poker Tour is ongoing and the Seneca Fall version has been concluded recently. The poker classic event with the thousand no limit hold’em main event was won by Guy Klass. The event was held at the Seneca Niagara Casino and Resort. This salesman who is 46 years of age and hails from Buffalo, New York, topped the field which had 271 entries in total. As a result, he was able to claim the top prize. He has also become one of the latest champions for CPPT and secured a highlighted section of Card Player magazine.

Klass is not a regular and professional player. However, this year of poker games has been lucky for him. He was able to come out on top in 2017 Western New York Poker Challenge where there were a total of 267 entries. His lifetime earnings in live tournaments have been considerably this year. Besides winning money and titles Klass also scored high in points in the standings of Player of the Year for Card Player. He now occupies 413th place in the standings overall. He has gained two title runs as well as finished third in another buy in event that was held at the same casino this year.
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Chris Ferguson-Poker possesses 5 bracelets

"Chris Ferguson-Poker possesses 5 bracelets"

There are numerous games herein, whereby you can choose the only game which you need to play so. In such cases, you can consider playing poker as the game is really an interesting name which is played by number of professionals where Chris is one such professional who has an identity to himself for his act of playing so. Think of his performance for it, none can speak about him at all.

Chris Ferguson is a player from America, and the player is familiar for holding around 5 bracelets after participating WSOP for 5 times. The player is such a player who is very much professional in his playing.  The player has made a National heads-up poker championship too by the year 2008. The player hails from California. The player is a graduate, who also possesses a PhD in the subject computer science, and his parents have possesses doctoral degree in the subject of mathematics. The player’s father turns teaching game theory and also teaches theoretical probability too.

As Jesus:

The player is given the nickname as Jesus, and also the player starts playing Poker by the age of 10. The player turned specialising his skills in playing poker via online. The player has played number of tournament before he stepped into WSOP. It was the very first time he won his bracelet by defeating TJ, who is the very professional player in playing Poker. He appeared thrice in NBC, whereby he first turned as the runner-up in the year 2005, and also again a runner-up in 2006 too whereby he in the third time placed the first place by defeating the player named as Andy Bloch. The player turned winning the bracelet by winning the titles twice in 2000, twice in 2003 and once in 2001.

Daniel Colman: One of the youngest poker players

"Daniel Colman: One of the youngest poker players"

Daniel Colman was born in the year 1991 in Massachusetts. He won a huge cash prize of one million dollars at the 2014 World Series of Poker main event. He became the most successful poker player of the year 2014, when he beat Daniel Negreanu and won a cash prize of 15.3 million dollars. He is well known as the second biggest prize winner in the history of poker games. He is one of the youngest players of the poker world who have earned some fame. And it’s a huge victory for him to won 15.3 million dollars in just a single event. Till now, he has played only a few live poker tournaments. He is interesting in playing online poker tournaments. In online poker world, he is known by the name of “mrGR33N13.” He finished at the third place in the European Poker tour along with a cash prize of €1,539,300. By the year 2014, his total earnings from poker games exceeded $17,988,000. He has cashed in for a total of seven times in WSOP events and has won a bracelet at the same.

Despite his major earnings, he doesn’t have a good record in the World Poker Tour events. In World Poker Tour events, he has cashed in for two times only. Currently, he lives in Brazil. At the Heads Up tournaments conducted in the year 2014, he secured the third position. Although he doesn’t have a unique style or strategy, he uses several mathematical and complex theories in his games. He is a little aggressive player with a lot of confidence.

He was not a famous name in the poker world. It was changed in the year 2014, when he has declared as the poker player of the year. He is ranked as the number one poker player in the 2014 WSOP global poker ranking index but still he has never won at WSOP main event or the World Poker Tournaments.

Poker career that started from childhood

"Poker career that started from childhood"

Allen Cunningham a great player who started his career from pizza delivery boy to poker player. More than a civil engineer, he is famous for poker. He is one of the players who are having good hands on casino games. In his early age, at 18th, he started playing games as a professional.

In 2006 world cup series, he had finished the tournament in 4th place and earned $3,628,513. Due to his consistent performance in poker, he is well known in the game of cards too. He is renowned due to his stature, great game, and last but not the least his discipline. Continue reading