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Chris Ferguson-Poker possesses 5 bracelets

There are numerous games herein, whereby you can choose the only game which you need to play so. In such cases, you can consider playing poker as the game is really an interesting name which is played by number of professionals where Chris is one such professional who has an identity to himself for his act of playing so. Think of his performance for it, none can speak about him at all.

Chris Ferguson is a player from America, and the player is familiar for holding around 5 bracelets after participating WSOP for 5 times. The player is such a player who is very much professional in his playing.  The player has made a National heads-up poker championship too by the year 2008. The player hails from California. The player is a graduate, who also possesses a PhD in the subject computer science, and his parents have possesses doctoral degree in the subject of mathematics. The player’s father turns teaching game theory and also teaches theoretical probability too.

As Jesus:

The player is given the nickname as Jesus, and also the player starts playing Poker by the age of 10. The player turned specialising his skills in playing poker via online. The player has played number of tournament before he stepped into WSOP. It was the very first time he won his bracelet by defeating TJ, who is the very professional player in playing Poker. He appeared thrice in NBC, whereby he first turned as the runner-up in the year 2005, and also again a runner-up in 2006 too whereby he in the third time placed the first place by defeating the player named as Andy Bloch. The player turned winning the bracelet by winning the titles twice in 2000, twice in 2003 and once in 2001.