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Day 1 of Poker Stars EPT Main Event of Prague Rolled high with 10,300 shattering another record

With Super High Roller of 50,000, the record of 5,300 is breaking and buzzing in the Hotel Hilton Prague during the 2014 side events of Eupropean Poker League, people kept imagining who could do big 10,300 High Roller.

It then blown to another one when all said that last year record of field with 137 players and 39 re-entries got smashed with 2301 entries and re-entries 63 on the first day.

The registration is going to remain till 11.45am and after that registration will close and draw will start. The notables things happened can be read anywhere. Each table had one player atleast who won the major event of World Series Poker Main event championship like Martun Jacobson and Felix Stephensen the runner up were present, tons of former winners of EPT and millions of dollars earnings of tournament was represented.

Not only those long list of notables but list showed some remarjable hands at an extensive well. One of the best impressive hands witnessed was invalidly Bertand Grospellier who made straight flush into three way pot involving Govert Metaal with full house and Andrey Andreev the third player.

Grospellier was the opener and Metall made his call in position. Then Andreev made the call and checked Grospellier chips which were flop. In the French team of PokerStars bet of 2,500, Metaal made first call and then Andreev called. All these men checked their turns and so seen cards without charge. Again Andreev checked and Grospellier made bet of 12,200. But Metaal thought for some time and called also Andreev made the call as well. Then Metaal confidently showed his cards but he realized it later that he has lost it.  Andreev checked his cards double time on the last moment and flashed it and mucked giving Grospellier the pot.