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Detail Regarding Poker Pros Trolling And Taking Wheeze

In spite of the availability of the Top PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and the Aussie Millions, the month of January seems to be a quiet month at the poker tables. However, some of the benefits added spice to the things with falling and spiriting by hitting the gossip columns of the week.


Patrick ‘plenopads’ Leonard takes to the Twitter in order to inform to his fans about how he is blocked from the social media site via colleague pro and poker coach named Ryan ‘Protential’ Laplante. But later on, the tweet is deleted.

It is a known fact blocking twitter is not known amongst immense of the poker players. Some of the prominent names unknown about Twitter Blockage include Cate Hall, Doyle Brunson, Vanessa Selbst, and Daniel Negreanu. All these are known for the short fuse whenever it is trolling or opposing the tweeters.  

There is a poker player like Leonard having an issue with the poker coach. The team always demanded to follow some sort of regulation when it is to fix Poker coach issues.

LaPlante, a very popular WSOP bracelet winner having over $4million earnings and above that 1500 hours of coaching is associated with his name, was undoubted about the involvement of his name whenever there is a fiddle on the coach comments. He has not made any statement publicly via Twitter to Leonard but still relationship become sour. This leads to cause troubles for sure, but this leads to make January quiet.

Next up, a cheerful fine sprite from a legend of the game – this is how Dusty ‘Leatherass’ Schmidt access himself once posted 2+2. Schmidt, co-author of ‘Don’t Listen to Phil Hellmuth’ is one among many poker-connected achievements and adventures, also posted on one of the social media sites.