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Jonathan Karamilikis has Inclinations for Subsequent Wins

Australians are also enthralled with the ubiquity of poker and is home to numerous players who are considered to have global winning predispositions. The Asia-Pacific Poker Tour major event is the formidable tournament that these players engage in. However, players like Jonathan Karamilikis have multiple cashes in this event and others like the Aussie Millions poker events. He has also jumped into the WSOP circuits alongside the EPT where he has had excellent performance. It is not his motherland that has catapulted him to the hall of fame in the poker world but his resume. Considering the numerous players who have flooded the online and live events, with top-notch pros from the US, one cannot disagree he is poised to go a notch higher in future.

He has played thrice at WSOP, his first game on 2011 $1,500 NLHE, he placed 81st and was rewarded with $4,178. On the same year at a $1,500 NLHE, he was 275th and earned $2,786. Earlier in 2010 $10,000 tournament, he ranked 446th to get $31,647. Although his star has been obfuscated by low ranks at WSOP, his performance at the EPT Barcelona €2,000 NLHE 6 Max in 2012, he was first and got €54,616. He had also played the 2012 Barcelona €1,850 and €5,000, High Roller and main event where he was 8th and 11th respectively getting a total of €56,370. He was also placed second in the Aussie Millions A$1,000 NLHE where he got more than A$120,000.

During the Aussie Millions A$1,500 NLHE (Bounty Event) he triumphed to get the first prize that saw him get above A$122,000, this totaled his tournament earnings to above $310K. But, this was not Karamiliki’s climax. In December that year, he took down the Asian Pacific Poker Tour Sydney tournament and got spoils over A$450,000. With his array of winnings, he has proclivities for more wins in future.