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Poker career that started from childhood

Allen Cunningham a great player who started his career from pizza delivery boy to poker player. More than a civil engineer, he is famous for poker. He is one of the players who are having good hands on casino games. In his early age, at 18th, he started playing games as a professional.

In 2006 world cup series, he had finished the tournament in 4th place and earned $3,628,513. Due to his consistent performance in poker, he is well known in the game of cards too. He is renowned due to his stature, great game, and last but not the least his discipline.

His countrymen owe his same respect due to his fabulous performance in the WHOP championship. His career started from pizza delivery boy to civil engineer and lastly ended with a successful poker player of international level. From his childhood, he was eager and liked to card and poker games. He is one of the players who have won consecutive ‘World Series of Poker’ bracelet, on top of winning the Games William Hill championship.

Games William Hill

Recently, In January 2014, he gained a total of 52 cashes, including his five bracelets have netted him a total of $7,084,995 in earnings in the world championship. He had top 10 finishes in the six tournaments at ‘Bicycle Casino’ in ‘Los Angeles’, this was a turning point of his poker game carrier.

He had also known as all rounder player due to his play and efforts. Year 2003, was another year where he was close to his third WSOP bracelet. He secured first place at the 2007 WSOPC, ‘Caesars Palace, Las Vegas’. He was also a member of full tilt. He has made a healthy and vital contribution to the poker. Allen Cunningham holds five World Series of Poker gold bracelets. His efforts and willingness to the poker is superb. He was a best all rounder player under 35 years. His game has appreciated by all of the professional poker players.