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This lady poker player has great passionate toward the game she plays

Mary Jones is a female poker player. This lady poker player has great passionate toward the game she plays. According to her each and every game or the work we are doing should be performed with great ambition and should always have love towards our game. She was the world poker champion in the year 2006 she was the only lady to win the championship in that tournament. As of her total statics about 2014 her total WSOP tournaments winnings exceed $350.000.  Her current location is Henderson NV, United States of America. She has won total 17 cashes in the poker games played till the date.

Her total winnings are $360,876 this number includes all the tournament winnings till now. Before becoming a successful and a professional poker player she was involved with the national museum of Women’s in art in the United States of America. Despite the fact that such work did not involve poker game at all she already knew till that time that her ultimate dream was just to play poker be a professional poker player and simply earn a huge amount from this game even if not a huge amount she just wanted to play the poker. Indeed her dreams to play poker had successfully laid her to play the game and then her passionate laid her to play the professional game and also made her win many championships in the same game. Dreams and passionate love and ambition can lead the person to make his dreams come true.

She has won 2 career titles till the date as per her latest records of playing poker. She has also won 15 career cashes in her history of the poker career. In the world series of poker she had the total winnings of $269,651 which is a good amount. She has won 6 cashes in the same tournament which was on an average good.

She has one 1 bracelet in the same series of poker and she has also won one final table in the world series of poker the same game. She entered the final table in this tournament but she could not win any good achievement in the same game. She has sometimes shown her best performance but sometimes her luck was not with her. In some of the matches she has even won the tournament championships but at some games she had to return her place without any winnings.