We Love TJ Cloutier

TJ Cloutier is one of the foremost professional poker players in the world, having won numerous Championships and finishing in the money list on many occasions. He was born in the city of Albany in California on the 13th of October, 1939. He was able to get into the University of California on an athletic scholarship for his prowess in playing American football as well as baseball and he played for the University at the Rose Bowl in 1959. But financial hardships that his family was enduring at that time forced him to drop out of college and got drafted into the United States Army. He served with the US Army for a few years before returning to the United States and began to play football in the Canadian Football League, first for Toronto and then for Montreal before his career was ended by a horrific injury.

After an end to his football career, TJ Cloutier decided to start a food company and after the company bombed which was followed by a divorce from his wife, he decided to shift bases and move to Texas where he would be able to work on oil rigs. Poker was a part time entertainment for him and he used to play on the off days and after a while, he realized that he was winning a lot more money by playing poker than he was actually earning and as a result, he quit his job so that he could concentrate on playing poker. His days as a poker player began when he was a caddy when he used to play after the end of a round. He is also known to for the high stakes craps sessions.

TJ Cloutier specializes in playing tournament poker and he is a master of the pot limit hold ‘em poker and no limit poker. After winning the pot limit high, limit 8 or better high low split and the limit high, he became the first and so far the only player in the history of the World Series of Poker to have won all three types of Omaha events played at the World Series. TJ Cloutier has so far won 6 bracelets in the World Series of Poker and has had 57 money finishes as well. He has also played on the World Poker Tour as well as the European Poker Tour but has not won the title in either of them.

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